Danusia Francis

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About Me


My name is Danusia Francis I represented Great Britain from the age of twelve placing in the top 6 at every British Championships since the age of nine. One of my personal favorite career highlights was the 2011 World Championships where our team qualified for the 2012 Olympic Games! I was then the reserve for GB at the 2012 Olympic Games before competing in the NCAA system for the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) from 2012-2016.
In college you compete 16 weekends in a row and I am proud to say I truly mastered the art of competing. I only fell twice in the four years I was on the UCLA team and scored two perfect t 10’s! (The scoring system is out of 10 in NCAA gymnastics)

Beam has always been my strength and I was the Senior British beam Champion twice before going on to become the PAC 12, Regional and National Collegiate balance beam Champion for UCLA in 2016. As well as being the first (and only as of right now, Dec 2016) gymnast to do a sideways side aerial to a layout full dismount off the side of the beam!

 I feel I have a lot to offer young gymnasts. All my experiences up to now, especially competing on the college stage, truly taught me how to become the best competitor I could be and helped me to treat competing as a form of entertainment. With this outlook I flourished and felt like I reached my full potential as a gymnast. Competing for a team, where the team goal is the main focus, in front of college crowds that usually have 5000 spectators but can be as large as 15,000, you have to train your mind to be able to deliver the results you want and your team needs week in and week out.

In between college seasons I went back and competed in elite at the World University Games in 2013 and the World Championships in 2015. I had the time of my life having grasped exactly where my mindset needed to be during competition I was able to relax and have fun because I was confident and didn’t feel the same pressure that I once had as a young competitor. 

I want to help your gymnasts develop a mindset where they are able to perform to the best of their abilities during competition and enjoy doing it. I want them to feel excited and confident especially on beam. I want to pass on the tips and tricks I developed from my years of gymnastics and I feel it is my duty to inspire the next generation as much as I can.

I aim to concentrate on how to be mentally confident, how to perform on beam and floor and how to execute your routines in competition, exactly how you do them in training.

Please see the Gym Visits page to learn a little more about what I have to offer. For any questions or queries please contact me on danusiafrancis@hotmail.co.uk or see the contact me page and fill out a form. 

Danusia xo